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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file
If You Cling to These Nations-2 (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 23:9-13 Rev. James Lee 2017-02-12
If You Cling to These Nations-1 (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 23:9-13 Rev. James Lee 2017-02-05
Joshua's Farewell Address--1 (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 23:1-16 Rev. James Lee 2017-01-29
A Witness between Us and You (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 22:9-34 Rev. James Lee 2017-01-22
Joshua's Charge (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 22:1-6 Rev. James Lee 2017-01-15
You Have Kept the Charge of the Lord (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 22:1-9 Rev. James Lee 2017-01-08
He Will Save Them from Their Sins-2 (Lord's Day Message) Matthew 1:18-25 Rev. James Lee 2017-01-01
He Will Save His People from Their Sins (Lord's Day Message) Matthew 1:18-25 Rev. James Lee 2016-12-25
The Cities of Levi (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 21:1-45 Rev. James Lee 2016-12-18
The Extravagant Devotion (Lord's Day Message) John 12:1-8 Rev. Joel Kim 2016-12-11
God Our Shield and Glory Psalm 3:1-8 Caleb Her 2016-12-04
The Cities of Refuge (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 20:1-9 Rev. James Lee 2016-11-27
Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving (Lord's Day Message) Psalm 100:1-5 Rev. James Lee 2016-11-20
The Inheritance of the Last Six Tribes (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 19:1-51 Rev. James Lee 2016-11-13
The Inheritance of Benjamin (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 18:11-28 Rev. James Lee 2016-11-06
How Long Will You Put Off? (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 18:1-10 Rev. James Lee 2016-10-30
The Allotment of the People of Joseph (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 16:1-17:18 Rev. James Lee 2016-10-23
Continue Steadfastly in Prayer (Lord's Day Message) Colossians 4:2-4 Rev. James Lee 2016-10-16
Othniel Captured It (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 15:13-19 Rev. James Lee 2016-10-09
As Often As You do it (Lord's Day Message) 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 Rev. James Lee 2016-10-02

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