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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file
Let Them Live (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 9:1-27 Rev. James Lee 2016-06-19
He Read All the Words of the Law (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 8:30-35 Rev. James Lee 2016-06-12
Victory over Ai-2 (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 8:1-2 Rev. James Lee 2016-06-05
Victory over Ai-1 (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 8:1-29 Rev. James Lee 2016-05-29
The Valley of Achor Joshua 7:24-26 Rev. James Lee 2016-05-22
Joshua Fell to the Earth on His Face (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 7:1-26 Rev. James Lee 2016-05-15 Sermon Manuscript
Achan's Sin and Its Consequences (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 7:1-26 Rev. James Lee 2016-05-08 Sermon Manuscript
Rahab the Prostitute (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 6:15-27 Rev. James Lee 2016-05-01 Sermon Manuscript
Cherem and Jihad (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 6:15-27 Rev. James Lee 2016-04-24
The Wall of Jericho Fell Down Flat Joshua 6:1-27 Rev. James Lee 2016-04-10
The Ground You Are Standing is Holy (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 5:13-15 Rev. James Lee 2016-04-03
Declared to be the Son of God (Resurrection Sunday Message) Romans 1:1-6 Rev. James Lee 2016-03-27
Good Friday-My God My God Matthew 27:45-50 Caleb Her 2016-03-25
The Manna Ceased Joshua 5:10-12 Rev. James Lee 2016-03-20
Today I Have Rolled Away the Reproach of Egypt (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 5:1-9 Rev. James Lee 2016-03-13
Let This be a Sign among You (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 4:1-24 Rev. James Lee 2016-03-06
The Crossing of the Jordan River (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 3:1-17 Rev. James Lee 2016-02-28
Is It OK to Lie, Ever? Joshua 2:1-24 Rev. James Lee 2016-02-21
The Lord Your God, He is God (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 2:1-24 Rev. James Lee 2016-02-14 Sermon Manuscript
Joshua Commanded (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 1:10-17 Rev. James Lee 2016-02-07 Sermon Manuscript

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