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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file
Othniel Captured It (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 15:13-19 Rev. James Lee 2016-10-09
As Often As You do it (Lord's Day Message) 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 Rev. James Lee 2016-10-02
Tell it to the Next Generation (Lord's Day Message) Psalm 78:1-8 Rev. James Lee 2016-09-25
Judah's Inheritance (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 15:1-63 Rev. James Lee 2016-09-18
Because Caleb Wholly Followed the Lord (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 14:1-15 Rev. James Lee 2016-09-11
The Transjordan Territory (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 13:8-33 Rev. James Lee 2016-09-04
There Remains Much Land (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 13:1-7 Rev. James Lee 2016-08-28
These are the Kings (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 12:1-24 Rev. James Lee 2016-08-21
Joshua Took the Whole Land (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 11:15-23 Rev. James Lee 2016-08-14
The Kings Joined Their Forces (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 11:1-14 Rev. James Lee 2016-08-07
Joshua Struck the Whole Land (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 10:28-43 Rev. James Lee 2016-07-31
The Noahic Covenant (Sunday School) Genesis 8:20-9:17 Dr. David VanDrunen 2016-07-10
Not Like the Powerful Mark 10:35-45 Dr. David VanDrunen 2016-07-10
Do Not Stay There (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 10:16-27 Rev. James Lee 2016-07-03
There Has Been No Day Like It (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 10:1-15 Rev. James Lee 2016-06-26
Let Them Live (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 9:1-27 Rev. James Lee 2016-06-19
He Read All the Words of the Law (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 8:30-35 Rev. James Lee 2016-06-12
Victory over Ai-2 (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 8:1-2 Rev. James Lee 2016-06-05
Victory over Ai-1 (Lord's Day Message) Joshua 8:1-29 Rev. James Lee 2016-05-29
The Valley of Achor Joshua 7:24-26 Rev. James Lee 2016-05-22

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