When people think of faith as a gift of God, they often think that it is God who has to make our faith great by some mysterious, supernatural action on His part. This kind of thinking is damaging to our spiritual life. We neglect the means God has given to us for that very purpose. We also end up blaming God for our stagnant Christian life--if God is the One who gives us faith and our faith is small, whose fault is that? You see, if faith is a gift of God, it is not like a rare painting we hang on the wall just to look at and admire. It is like grains of wheat we are to plant and cultivate so they can produce thirty, sixty or even a hundred fold! We nurture our faith through the means of grace--the Word of God, the Sacraments and prayer. And we nurture our faith by exercising it and practicing it in our daily life. We do that by choosing each moment to live according to what we believe about God and His will for our life, what we believe about Christ and who we are in Christ and what we are called to do in this life, etc.



The great thing about faith is that it doesn't cost anything. Anyone can be a man/woman of great faith. We don't have to be rich, powerful, intelligent, or good-looking. In fact, the poorer we are in spirit, the easier it is! This is because, though we are small and our faith is little, our God is so great and trustworthy. How good it is to have someone worthy of our trust--for this life and for all eternity! And if we can't trust God, whom can we trust? God wants to bless us far beyond our wildest imagination! (Can we doubt that when He did not spare even His only begotten Son for us?) God wants to bless us so much but not against our will! For God wants a covenant relationship with us, which involves our whole being--intellect, emotion, and will! So then, let us open our arms of faith wide toward our wonderful God! To that end, let us be diligent in nurturing and increasing our faith in Christ and enjoy a greater measure of God's rich blessings for His people!