The goal of biblical teaching is transformation, not just transmission of information. It is to make us complete in all of our being, not just knowledgeable about the Bible and its doctrines. It is to make us equipped for every good work, not just fluent in articulating what we believe. So, when we hear the Bible read and preached, or when we read it ourselves and study it with others, our question should not stop at "What is God saying here?" to "How does God want me to respond to it?" When we receive teaching, believe and trust. But don't forget that the biblical teaching is not just to inform us but also to transform us. So, when we receive reproof and correction, confess and repent.

We need to have more of this growth mindset in our approach to sanctification. When it comes to our sanctification, we tend to give up too easily, don't we? Since we will never be perfect, the point is to grow and not stop growing. Failures and setback may be inevitable. But there's no training which does not include such things. What matters is that we learn from them and grow through them. Let us not be discouraged even when our progress seems slow. Let us preserver. God's will is our sanctification and He will not fail. Let it not make us lazy and idle. Let it spur us on to an indomitable hope and unbreakable will to persevere in our discipleship--until we shall be made complete in our holiness on that glorious day!