This was at the center of the Reformation, the 500th Anniversary of which we are celebrating this year. One of the slogans of the Reformation was Soli Deo Gloria—to God alone be glory. As our church is celebrating our 23rd Anniversary, we want to renew our commitment to this central idea in Christianity. That’s exactly what it means when we say, “It’s not about me; it’s about Christ.” If we can live by this, our life will be profoundly changed for the better and we will have a great insight into what God is doing in our life.  


But Soli Deo Gloria is not only right; it is also good that the focus and purpose of our life should be God-centered. If I desire that we should never forget this truth as individuals and as a church, it is because it is right for God and good for us. You see,God’s glory has many aspects and dimensions. God’s glory can be shown in a demonstration of His almighty power. Think about God’s glory shown in creation. What greater demonstration of omnipotence is there than the work of making all things out of nothing? How awesome it must have been when the Lord said, "Let there be light!" and the light burst out of the primordial darkness and shone with its blinding brilliance for the first time! What words can describe the wonder of the stars and galaxies explode into the dark, empty spaces of the universe! What a wondrous experience it must have been to watch the cataclysmic events of waters dividing, the continents breaking through the waters with roaring thunders, the ocean waters sinking to the deep in a great rush! What a sight it must have been when all kinds of creatures were being brought into existence in all of their abundant variety and exquisite beauty, in the sky and sea and land! How can we not sing, "How great Thou art!" when we in awesome wonder consider all the worlds His hands have made, when we see the stars, when we hear the rolling thunder, when we behold His power throughout the universe displayed!